Dr. K. Devadas

Dr. K. Devadas | Consultant Paediatrician | Sunrise Hospital

Dr. K. Devadas

Consultant Paediatrician
Sunrise Group of Hospitals, Kochi

0484 4160000 / 0484 2660000


For Appointments: +91 9946001005


Dr. K. Devadas is a Consultant Paediatrician at Sunrise group of hospitals. With over five decades of experience in handling paediatric and neonatal cases, he has been focusing on best treatment and care for children. With his extensive expertise in the field and his experience across various hospitals in the UK, UAE and India, Dr Devadas is a noted name among peadiatricians in the state.

Academic qualification

  • MBBS, DCH (London), MRCP (Paediatrics)

Years of experience

53+ Years

Professional record

  • Tutor, Bacteriology - Medical College, Trivandrum
  • SHO (Plastic Surgery) - German Hospital London
  • SHO (General Medicine) - Kendray Hospital, Barnsley, UK
  • SHO (Paediatrics) - Staincliffe General, Dewsbury, UK
  • Registrar Paediatrics - Middlesbrough General
  • Registrar Paediatrics - Kings College London
  • Deputy Head of Paediatrics - Alain Hospital, UAE
  • Head of Paediatrics - Alain Hospital, UAE
  • Clinical Assistant Professor - FMHS, UAE – 1993-2003
  • Clinical Associate Professor - FMHS, UAE –2003 - 2006
  • Sunrise Hospital - April 2006 onwards


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  • H Influenza Type b Disease in Alain children, UAE, A precaccination Study; Eaatam Mediterranean Health Journal 2002;7(4/5):124-129.
  • Spinal Arachnoid Cyst with weakness in the limbs and abdominal pain
  • A new lethal neonatal short limb dwarfism
  • Rotavirus lnfection in Alain (UAE) Children- Clinical Aspect: Emietps Medical Journal 1886
  • Occurrence and outcome of Hemophilus lnfluenzae type B meningitis in Children of Alain in the United Arab Emirates: Emirates Medical Journal 1995; 13:2(suppl): 130•133
  • Childhood Bacterial Meningitis:The Experience of Alain Hospital in Eastern Region of UAE: Emirates Medical Journal
  • Incidence and Outcorrie of H.lnfluenząbleningitis in Children of Alain, Abu Dhabi region of UAE
  • A syndrome of insulin resistance resembling ieprechauniam in five sibs of Consanguineous parents
  • Incidence and Outcome of H, lnfluenzae Meningitis in children of Alain, Abu Dhabi region of UAE
  • lnvasive Hemophilus Influenza Disease Emirates Medical Journal 1992


  • IMA

Clinical expertise

  • Emergency Paediatric Services
  • Vaccination
  • Paediatric surgery

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