A family in the hands of a treacherous disease

The family who has been in a treacherous state due to a chromosomal anomaly.

A family who hails from Kollam district, Karunagapally and the ones suffering from this unusual digestive tract disease, which is taking a toll on their lives.

Through the chromosomes this disease is passed to generations [FAMILIAL ADENOMATOUS POLYPOSIS]. This has put this family into distress. Polyps that look like a bunch of grapes in the inner walls of large intestine when seen through colonoscopy, turns into Malignancy (cancer)when gone untreated or undiagnosed.

In these affected victims, the symptoms of malignancy (cancer) can be seen from a very young age.

Removal of the large entire intenstine [Total procto colectomy] is performed to prevent it to turn into malingnamy (cancer). After the removal of the large intestine, the pathway for the faecal matter to be excreted is done by bringing the end of the small bowel (intestine) to the exterior, by fixing it to the abdominal wall (Permanent ileostomy ) and the fecal matter is collected in a bag. This is a permanent solution which cannot be reverted back to normal condition.

The eldest member of the family 53 yrs old, had undergone the same treatment mentioned above from RCC, Trivandrum and is now at present living with Permanent Ileostomy. Her son 32yrs, also had the same disease and had undergone 4 surgeries at a private hospital in Cherthala. He also has a Permamant ilestomy done and the faecal matter is collected in a bag.

But his sister who is 38yrs old,didn’t have to undergo the same tedious procedure for the rest of her life; she had her surgery done laparoscopically where the whole large intestine was removed and a small pouch was created with her own small bowel depicting a rectum and was attached to her anus. Now she is having a normal life without the discomfort of a Permanent illestomy/Routinely this surgery is done here.Convention open method, opening the whole of abdomen. This skillful and unique surgery was performed through keyhole by Dr. Baiju Senadhipan, who is a well known surgical Gastroenterologist and also a skillful Laparoscopic Cancer surgeon, who at present is working at Sunrise Hospital, Kochi.

Dr. Baiju Senadhipan explains that this surgery is just a glimpse of countless opportunities that can be achieved through keyhole surgery.

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