Who we are

Sunrise Hospital, a tertiary health care centre, is widely recognized as a pioneer in ‘Laparoscopic and Endoscopic Surgeries’. Being the Apex Centre for Minimally Invasive Surgery in Asia, we have also been honoured as a Centre of excellence in ‘Hernia Surgeries and Laparoscopic cancer Surgeries’. Specialized in ‘Accident and Trauma care’, we are ably equipped with state-of-the-art treatment for all types of medical emergencies. We accommodate more than 46 medical departments and specialties. Sunrise Hospital has branches in United Arab Emirates, India and Maldives. Aesthetically laid out, this hospital is maintained under very stringent conditions of asepsis that ensures a clean infection-free environment which is at the same time extremely warm, caring and relaxing.

Clinical Excellence

Our dedicated medical team, that includes eminent doctors and equally proficient medical, paramedical and administrative personnel, brings you world-class medical expertise and patient care. Dr Hafeez Rahman Padiyath – Founder/Chairman, is world-renowned as one of the experts in Minimally Invasive Surgery or Laparoscopic Surgical Procedures. Over the years, he has developed and standardized many unique techniques of his own, valued worldwide. ‘Sunrise Team’ works with a drive determined on a focus of experience, expertise and care. The team led by a set of experienced hands has moulded a legacy of excellence in Women’s Health care arena. Sunrise Hospital has foremost medical practitioners with clinical expertise, hands-on experience and medical research in prominent branches of the medical health care spectrum.

Our Mission

“To bring the smile of good health on every face”

Our vision

“Establish a Centre of Excellence in Laparoscopic Surgeries and other medical/surgical specialities. We also plan to establish 25 state – of – the – art hospitals across the world.”

We serve the industry as a global partner for improving health; lifestyle and medical practices. We undertake special projects and develop medical positions affecting the health industry. Our doctors conduct community outreach programs in schools, villages and civilian bodies about preventive medicine and healthy lifestyle. To improve understanding of the health industry we try to be visible, accessible and credible source of information to our patients, the media and the society. Our aim involves developing and disseminating best practice in the health industry continually from feedback of our patients, staff and departments. We at Sunrise take it as a priority to promote best practice in lifestyle, health care and social responsibilities.

Our facilities

  • Operating theaters of international Standard
  • Dialysis
  • Round-the-clock Trauma Care services
  • Ambulance services with monitors
  • Urodynamic Lab
  • Life-saving equipment like ventilator and defibrillator
  • Sleep Lab
  • MGB Germany Laparoscopic System
  • Advanced patient monitors with ETCO2
  • Video EEG, EMGABG machinesVideo Endoscope
  • Imported high-end sterilizers
  • 24 hour pharmacy
  • 24 hour Consultant Pediatrician
  • Separate Orthopedic, Neurological, Surgery, Gynecological, Trauma, Intensive Care areas
  • 24/7 Laboratory Intensive Cardiac Care Unit
  • Cafeteria
  • High-end microscope
  • Centralized Gas System
  • Neonatal ICU
  • Home Care
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