Department of Accident and Trauma Care

Trauma remains one of the leading causes of death worldwide and a well-organized and experienced emergency response system is essential for any hospital to cope with mortality and morbidity related to trauma.

Our Department

Our Accident and Trauma Care unit (Casualty) is fully equipped with state-of-the-art life saving equipment conforming to international standards. Among the most important is our latest Cardiac and Whole Body Multi Detector CT Scan (available only in 1 or 2 hospitals in the area so far). This machine enables us to tackle any form of emergency and is able to accurately detect multiple injuries/illness in just a few minutes. Our dedicated emergency team is constituted of ATLS-trained paramedics and a panel of eminent doctors spanning varied specialties like Trauma surgery, Orthopedics, Maxillofacial surgery, Neurosurgery and Plastic surgery. This team is available round-the-clock and is committed to saving lives.

For us Life is extremely precious and saving a life is the most important responsibility we as a team are one hundred percent Dedicated today'sĀ

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Services and facilities

Our emergency team is exceptionally competent in tackling all types of emergencies and is functional 24x7. Ambulances with the very latest Cardiac Monitors, Ventilators and Defibrillators are available round-the-clock. There is also a fully functional Operation Theater attached to the Trauma Care Unit to attend to emergencies requiring immediate surgical intervention.

Once the patient is given the required primary care and is stabilized, he/she is evaluated for the nature and severity of illness/injury and is then referred to the appropriate department or specialty for further treatment.

Unique features

Some of the main features of the department that makes this one of the best in the City are,

  • The only fully equipped Trauma Care Centre in the Smart City area, IT Hub, Kochi.
  • State-of-the-art comprehensive trauma care unit with 24 hour ambulance services ably supported by well-equipped emergency services.
  • ATLS-trained Para-medics.Fully equipped Emergency Operation Theater attached to the Emergency Room.Cardiac and Whole Body Multi Purpose CT Scan facilitating multiple diagnosis.
  • Team of doctors from Trauma Surgery, Orthopedics, Maxillofacial Surgery, Neuro Surgery & Plastic Surgery available round the clock.
  • Regular community first-aid teaching programs aimed at giving the common man critical advice on the doctors and donate in first aid, enabling them to give appropriate pre-hospital care to trauma victims and in acute life-threatening illnesses.
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