Department of Laboratory Medicine

SUNRISE has the best Laboratory with fully automated analyzers and other State-of-the-art equipments that render accurate and precise test results in the shortest time possible. It is managed by a team of highly experienced and qualified technicians and ancillary staff, who follow quality control measures to ensure accurate results on time. The Laboratory is integrated with the Hospital Management System (HMS) to facilitate immediate and flawless information/results to the concerned Department.

The department’s main armory is its accent on quality and reliability for the past twelve years of service to the patients. Special emphasis is being given on daily quality checks i.e. Internal Quality Control as well as External Quality Control Standards. Our participation in External Quality Assessment Scheme (EQAS) helps us to maintain quality of test results and we are securing high marks in the Assessment Scheme consecutively for the last five years. And we have obtained the prestigious ISO 9001:2008 certification from UKAS for the Department of Microbiology.

A continuous In-house training programme ensures that there is an upgradation of skills and that the team is always equipped to stay ahead in the technology race. Special training in all relevant fields ensures that handling of patient samples is done with the greatest care at all times. We strive to provide every patient and every customer with services of uncompromising quality - error free results on time. Every time we do that by dedicating ourselves to the determined quest of excellence in the services, we provide.


For the Department of Biochemistry, we have the machine RANDOX RX IMOLA, which is a fully automated Biochemistry Analyzer that delivers consistent high quality results. With a throughput of 400 photometric tests and up to 560 tests per hour including ISE, the RX IMOLA provides rapid, comprehensive testing with random access and STAT sampling functionality, boosting productivity and saving time.

All Hormonal tests can be done in COBAS e411 machine, which is also a fully automated analyzer. Electrochemiluminescence (ECLIA) technology provides superior analytical performance. Increased sensitivity means that extremely low levels of antigen, as well as subtle changes in levels, can be detected. The very wide measuring range facilitates time efficient testing by reducing the need to dilute and repeat samples.

For the Department of Hematology, we are using fully automated PENTRA ES 60. It is using Cytochemistry, Impedance (Real Cell Volume Measurement) & Optical (analysis of the internal cellular structure by measuring light absorbance) - DHSS Technology for the detection of blood cells detection and counts.

Blood Culture on BacT/ALERT 3D automated systems for aerobic and anaerobic bacteria, fungi and mycobacteria indicate positivity from 3 hours onwards. Identification and sensitivity of most of the organism grown could be reported in about 4-6 hours, on an automated system. Thus organisms causing life threatening infections like bacteremia can not only be grown, but their identification & sensitivity is also being available in shortest time period, which helps greatly in institution of early specific antimicrobial therapy for the clinicians.

Conventional culture for aerobic and anaerobic bacteria and fungi from clinical specimen other than blood is carried out on most appropriate media in controlled environment. Identification & sensitivity of bacteria can be reported within 4-6 hours on VITEK-2 compact automated systems, thus reducing the time of availability of report by almost a day.

Department of Microbiology is amongst few centers which have been carrying out fungal identification of Candida, Cryptococcus and all species of yeasts. Detection of specific antibodies against different infecting organism (Bacteria, Fungi, Parasites and Virus) is carried out by ELISA system. The lab is equipped with the latest Biorad i-Mark microplate reader and washer to ensure the accuracy of ELISA tests. Almost all conventional serological tests are available. Autoimmune disorders are worked up comprehensively with gold standard ELISA techniques.

Serological analysis for infectious viral diseases such as AIDS, Hepatitis are analyzing by most sensitive and accurate Enzyme Linked Fluorescent Assay in VIDAS Immuno Analyzer from Biomerieux India Pvt. Ltd.


  • All Routine and Special Biochemistry Assays
  • Hormonal Tests by Advanced Technology (ECLIA)
  • Special Tests for the Diabetic patients
  • Tumor Markers for malignancies
  • Complete Blood Counts
  • Tests for Malarial Parasites & Microfilaria Detection
  • Routine & Special Hematological Studies
  • Coagulation Studies
  • Urine and Stool Routine Studies
  • Bacterial culture and sensitivity testing for all types of clinical specimens
  • All Serological testing for Viral diseases
  • All types of Immunological tests
  • Water quality testing
  • Sterility check
  • Detection of various food and inhalation allergens
  • Mycological culture and staining of clinical specimens

Training offered

The department is also offering training and academic projects for graduation and PG students.

  • Laboratory Training
  • Clinical Testing
  • Hospital Infection Control
  • Laboratory Management
  • The short term training and preparation for research projects is being provided to;
    • B.Sc/M.Sc MLT
    • B.Sc/M.Sc Microbiology
    • B.Sc/M.Sc Biotechnology
    • Students of different Universities and Laboratory technicians of different institutions.
    • There are a number of ongoing research projects centering MRSA, Tuberculosis, Healthcare Associated Infections, Pseudomonas infections and Antimicrobials and antimicrobial resistance. The department regularly receives clinical samples from patients referred from outside the hospital.
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