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Why do children fail?

All children make an effort to learn, but some , due to specific reasons fail to learn effectively.

Learning problem

A learning problem is not the same as having mental retardation. It is not being stupid or dumb.

It is having Special difficulty with one or more of these:

Reading , writing , arithmetic , spelling , putting your thoughts down on paper, remembering what you see or hear, co-ordination, paying attention, organization, sustaining attention on tasks or play activities.

When children suffer from learning difficulties, it's often the result of weak mental skills. Today, we have found the cause of most learning disabilities. The brain's mental skills are the foundation upon which learning is built. If a child is weak in certain mental skills, they get labelled as having a learning disability .The truth of the matter is that mental skills can be trained and worked on so that the difficulties go away. The structured learning process at our centre specializes in training mental skills. We offers structured one-to-one multi sensoring remedial training that gets to the root of the problem so that children are able to take advantage of their true potential.

Our tutoring is highly effective in helping most children to learn, not just those with a diagnosed Learning Disability. Any child struggling in school could potentially benefit from attending these remedial classes.

Meet the Experts

Ms. Nirmala Ann Abraham | Counsellor cum Remedial Tutor | Sunrise Hospital

Ms. Nirmala Ann Abraham

Counsellor cum Remedial Tutor

BA(Vocational English),Master of Social Work(Medical & Psychiatry)

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