Transfusion medicine is an integral part of patient management. Transfusion of blood and blood components is an established way of treating patients who are deficient in one or more blood constituents. We have a well equipped blood bank with component separation facilities, working round the clock. The services of well trained technical staff are available here for efficient screening of donors, blood collection, component separation and storage at optimal conditions. We provide safe and reliable services to in house as well as outside patients. The products available in our blood bank include packed red blood cells, fresh frozen plasma, platelet concentrate and cryoprecipitate. We also provide leuco reduced red blood cells for at risk patients.

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Dr. Padmaja P. S. | Cons. Pathologist & Blood Bank Medical Officer | Sunrise Hospital

Dr. Padmaja P.S

Consultant Pathologist and Blood Bank Medical Officer

MBBS, DCP (Diploma in clinical pathology)

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