Department of Pediatrics and Neonatology


Neonatology is a subspeciality of paediatrics that provides medical care to the newborn child especially the ill or premature newborn infant. It is a hospital based speciality and is usually practised in Neonatal Intensive Care Units (NICU). Medical care is given to babies who are premature and low birth weight , with intrauterine growth retardation, birth defects, sepsis or birth asphyxia.Commitment, sincerity and human care is the keynote of the neonatal department.we believe not only in saving a premature baby but aims to provide a developmentally normal child to the parents. Our Neonatal level III NICU is equipped with State of Art equipments meeting international standards with Obstetricians, Paediatrician and Neonatologist available round the clock. At Sunrise we have a planned approach to pregnancies with added risk in planning optimal care even before birth. We provide counselling session for parents to be by Obstetricians and Paediatrician before birth at periodic intervals in pregnancy to allay anxiety and prepare better for the new experience. All deliveries are attended by Paediatrician to give the baby a best start. Some features include screening for Jaundice, Hypothyroidism, Metabolic screening before discharge. All optional vaccines are available in the Vaccination clinic which is open on all days.

Meet Experts

Dr. Mohammed Saheer M. H | Consultant Paediatrician & Neonatologist | Sunrise Hospital

Dr. Mohammed Saheer M. H

Consultant Paediatrician & Neonatologist

MBBS, MD(Paediatrics)

Dr. K. Devadas | Consultant Paediatrician | Sunrise Hospital

Dr. K. Devadas

Consultant Paediatrician


DrAby | Sunrise Hospital

Dr. Abey Mathew

Consultant Neonatologist & Paediatrician

MBBS,MD(Paediatrics), Fellowship in Neonatology

Dr. Jinu Aloysius | Specialist Paediatrician | Sunrise Hospital

Dr. Jinu Aloysius

Specialist Paediatrician

MBBS, DCH, DNB(Paediatrics), MRCPCH

Dr. Beula Ann Varughese | Specialist Paediatrician | Sunrise Hospital

Dr. Beula Ann Varughese

Specialist Paediatrician

MD(Paediatrics), Fellowship in Paediatric Gastroenterology

Our Visiting Consultant


Senior Visiting Paediatric Nephrologist

Our special features

  • State of Art Ventilators including High Frequency Ventilation
  • 24 hour newborn transport to pick up babies from referring hospitals
  • All major Neonatal procedures including Surfactant, Phototherapy, Parenteral Nutrition
  • Pediatric surgeon for babies with surgical problem
  • Bedside Ultrasonogram and ECHO
  • Availability of Developmental Paediatrician
  • Newborn screening & Auditory evaluation
  • ROP screening of High risk babies


Medical care for children is always a sensitive issue. Sunrise hospital ensures that this is kept in mind at all times so that young patient receives the best treatment and care for his special and emotional needs. The pediatric department lays great emphasis on the communication aspect so as to correctly understand the problems of the child and provide necessary treatment. The 24 hour pediatric emergency room forms an important part of this department.

Pediatric services

  • Emergency pediatric services : 24 hr x 365 days
  • Vaccination on all days including Sundays
  • Pediatric nephrology clinic
  • Asthma clinic
  • Pediatric surgery
  • Child pshychology and learning enhancement centre
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