Department of Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy aims to rehabilitate or to bring back a patient to the near normal stage and to make him functionally independent. We treat different conditions with the help of manual therapy, exercise therapy along with electrotherapy modalities.

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Treatment Includes :

Orthopedic Rahablitation

Fracture Mobilization, Tendon and ligament injuries of upperlimb and lowerlimb, rotator cuff management of shoulder, joint arthroplasties of upperlimb and lowerlimb, various spine conditions, knee replacement surgery ,management of various Inflammatory arthritic conditions of joints like OA Knee, Frozen shoulder, Rheumatoid arthritis, Tennis elbow, Golfers Elbow etc. Pain management in Fibromyalgia


stroke, Head Injuries, Parkinsonism and various movement disorders, GBS, Spinal cord injuries, Peripheral Neuropathy etc.

Cardiac Rehabilitation:

Different post surgical cardiac conditions.


Antenatal and Postnatal Exercises

General Surgery:

Various post operative surgical cases ( Mobility and chest physiotherapy) Neck and Back Pain management with Exercises


TMJ Arthralgia and other myalgic conditions of neck and upper back

Plastic Surgery:

Crush injuries of hand, Tendon Injuries, burns and liposuction cases

Paediatric rehabilitation:

Delayed milestones, cerebral plasty etc

Facilities available

  • Well Equipped Exercise Therapy unit
  • Electrotherapy Modalities: ultrasound therapy, Shortwave Diathermy, Wax bath, Traction unit, Suspension Therapy, Tilt table, CPM, Electrical Stimulation etc.
  • Manual mobilization techniques of joints, Myofascial release and Trigger point release Taping techniques.
  • Erganomic training programmes
  • Mat Exercise and Ball Exercise
  • Gait training with parallel bars
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