Department of Cognitive and Behavioural Sciences

Psychiatry is the branch of medicine that deals with the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of emotional, behavioural or cognitive disturbances.Psychiatry department at Sunrise Hospital is headed by Dr. V. Chalamdas MD who has lots of experience behind him in all the areas of psychiatry, particularly child and geriatric mental health.We at Sunrise Hospital assure you a patient listening, empathetic attitude, proper explanation of diagnosis and treatment as well as a brief description of side-effects of medications. We also provide a fully client friendly environment in case the client has to be get admitted. Our department is aptly supported by a team of clinical psychologists, psychiatric social workers Occupational Therapist and Trained Nursing Staff etc.

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Dr. Chalam Das V | Cons.Psychiatrist | Sunrise Hospital

Dr. Chalam Das V




  • All kinds of adult psychiatric services.
  • Suicide prevention clinic: To support and treat those who harbours suicide thoughts and attempters.
  • De-Addiction Centre: for alcohol, smoking opioids and other psychoactive substance uses.
  • Geriatric Clinic
    • For Late onset depression
    • Dimentia & Delirium Management
  • Screen use disorder clinic
    • Newer research throws light on the harmful cocaine like effect of screens mobile phones, laptops, computers, video games consoles – on the brain. Lot of children fall into addiction with screens. Here in Sunrise we have s dedicated team to save kids from screen addiction and to help their career build up.

Child guidance clinic To take care all kinds of childhood disorders including: Autism, ADHD, Depression in childhood, Bipolar disorder in children, Conduct Disorder, Phobias , Learning Disability, Intellectual disability related behavioural disorders, cerebral palsy associated behavioural disturbances , epilepsy related behavioral disturbances etc. We all know that a lot of unscientific practices are occurring in the field of child psychiatry and we assure you that only safe and evidence based practices are followed here.

We also take care of aggression in children, truancy, stuttering, Exam related anxiety, stammering correction, tic disorders and also assess students who drop out of studies for eg. Engineering students, Medical students etc.

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