Minimally Invasive Surgery

Department of Minimally Invasive Surgery (Key Hole Surgery)

Sunrise Hospital is focused on 'Laparoscopic and Endoscopic Surgeries', and we are the apex center for '˜Minimally Invasive Surgery' in Asia and a center of excellence for '˜Hernia Surgeries and Laparoscopic Cancer Surgeries'. Our department is equipped with some of the latest equipment like MGB Germany Laparoscopic System, and our Operation Theaters, conforming to International Standards, are equipped with Hepa Filter and Laminar Flow.

With the advent of 'Minimally Invasive Surgery', also called Band-aid Surgery, General Surgery has become extremely convenient. Benefits of this form of surgery are :

  • Smaller incisions (Key Hole) (usually 0.5-1.5cm).
  • Less post operative discomfort.
  • Quicker recovery.
  • Shorter Hospital stays.
  • Quicker return to full activity.
  • Smaller Scars.
  • Less internal scarring compared to standard open surgery.

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