Plan Your Visit

Step 1: Get in touch

Contact Sunrise Group of Hospitals International Patient Desk
By E-mail:

Mobile: +91 9946001005

Phone: +91 484 266 0000

Step 2: Send your Medical History / Reports

To assess your treatment, we encourage you to send us the results of your tests, ie. Angiography, echo-cardiogram, MRI, CT Scans, Ultra Sound or other documents, for further review and evaluation.

Step 3: Online Consultation tailor making your treatment

Treatment Plan. Our doctors start on assessing your medical history and your existing condition and they will discuss the following:

  • The various procedures and discuss the best treatment for you.
  • New surgical, minimal invasive techniques, ensuring a reduced hospital stay and the recovery.
  • Regional or general anesthesia and the lowest infection rates at our hospital.
  • Advanced medicines that ensure the relief of pain and maximize ability of patients to enjoy an active life.
  • Physical therapy programs for your speedy recovery.
  • Making your flight back home pain free and comfortable.

Cost Estimate. Confirmation of agreement over the cost estimate is given for the planed treatment.

Step 4: Arrange your trip

  • isa assistance to Sunrise Group of Hospitals in India will be provided by Sunrise Group of Hospitals on submission of your passport copy
  • You can start to arrange your flight tickets.

Step 5: Arrival

Sunrise Group of Hospitals Representative (English/ Arabic Speaking) will receive you at the airport (Kochi International Airport) and shall escort you to Sunrise Hospital.

Step 6: Pre-operation / Procedure Check-up

The very first examination you will have the next morning or the same day(general examination, ECG, echocardiogram, Laboratory test, exercise test).


You will undergo the required treatment plan by a team of specialist Doctors.

Step 7: Post Operation

After the treatment you shall stay at the chosen accommodation for the prescribed days of stay in hospital with one attendant (by choice).

  • Leave to your Country
  • Transportation will be arranged accordingly to drop you at the airport.
  • Medical follow-up
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