Sunrise Hospital - Reviews and Testimonials


I am getting good service from Sunrise . Happy that you started homecare service. It will be a great help for people, especially for those who are bed ridden and also for the elderly patients living in flats that dont have lifts.

Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart.

Dear wenians,

I am a silent member of this group. Wondering and getting inspired every time I observe this group by such versatile beings. 2day ,on this woman's day I am sharing my personal experiences from another wenian with utmost gratitude... I gave birth to my second child ,I.e a baby girl in this empowering month in Sunrise Hospital Kakkanad.. As far as I m concerned pregnancy is a beautiful experience for me..and due to my previous experiences in a multi speciality hospital ,delivery became a dreadful memory. So this time I perceived and consulted Sunrise Hospital as a hospital nearby my home... I consulted Dr.Shobhana Sreekumar & explained about my anxieties.. & day 1 itself was an enlighting experience for me...unlike my previous gynecologist, Dr.Shobhana made me feel as if I m with my most dear ones...she along with the nurses and staffs wiped out all my fears in such a way that I never ever skipped my check ups (that I used to do). The hospital environment made me very efficient in handling my anxieties. and also empowered me in a different angle as a mother... I started thinking about and sending heart felt telepathic msges to the power behind this unity ,which made my c-section also feel like as if I'm in a vacation enjoying and having fun... Ist time I felt that nurses are truely angels fm heaven and they are the epitome of patience . And infact u all should be proud that the person I m mentioning is a wenian and obviously u all know her...none other than Parveen Hafeez Maam. Thru my media works and wen group I already knew her. But, how much she is touching and taking care of her fellow beings I came to know with my own experience... As per the tagline,yes it's true experience,expertise and care... I express my heartfelt gratitude for u ,ur staff and all ur visions.My whole family is happy with the services....Thank u,Thank u,Thank u....



The most better services, Good Facilities, Very good Doctors. Valuble advices. We are very happy


Habbeb Rahman Al Buhari

Nimisha was amazing, Super co ordinating thing. She is a real asset to the organisation


Dinnu Kuriakose

My name is Aisha from Nigeria. I came to Sunrise Hospital, Kochi to have surgery with Dr Hafeez Rahman. The entire experience was amazing, the staff were very attentive and caring. The surgery was minimally invasive and I was able to leave the hospital just 1 day after surgery with mild pain. I definitely recommend this hospital to anyone thinking of coming.

Special thanks to Dr Hafeez Rahman, all the doctors and nurses and Shyla from patient relations.


Dr Aisha



Over the past 5 months I've been under treatment for bipolar and depression under Dr. Reshmi and Dr. Sethunath.

The results of treatment has been very positive. I came here emotionally unstable and subject to heavy mood swings. Now for the past month I've been pleasantly stable. I also have to appreciate the therapy for not being too pushy, i.e. my personal tastes of being introverted and keeping few relations were well respected in the sessions I had.

Overall I'm very happy with the success I've had, and look forward enthusiastically to the day I'm completely cured from needing treatment.




Doctors, staffs, management in general are highly commendable and Very good in their personal approach. particularly Dr. Vinod Abraham needs unusual respect and his personal attention is beyond language, logic and reasoning. I like this hospital sincerely in all respect.


TPN Pillai


My mother Ruckiya, 85 years old, was once suddenly admitted in one of the hospital at Kannur due to fever and severe stomach ache. She was too tired that time. After doing multiple scans and tests, doctors found a tumor in her ovary with 16x8 size approximately.

Doctors informed me to operate it next day, but it was high risk as she aged. I felt discomfort on their less explanations in silly way. So I decided to discharge her.

I had been keep looking for an exact doctor and found many of them to treat my mother before her condition goes worst. But no one were ready to do anything due to her age. At last I knew about Sun Rise hospital and Dr. Hafiz Rahman from one of my friends. I called the hospital and took her there next day, even she was not able to travel or move a bit, by ambulance.

I was feeling new experiences since we reached Kakkanad Sun Rise Multi Specialty Hospital. And I was really knowing about correct consultations, The Doctors and Nurses from Sun Rise hospital as an experienced person from other hospitals. She was admitted there as a patient of Dr. Hafiz Rahman. Gradually she was taken care by Dr. Rajeesh Selva Ganesh. I don't have any words to explain about him. Doctor should be same like him. Even he is highly skilled young and experienced, we were attracted to him due to his behavior. My mother felt his presence as not a doctor, but her son. His explanation and awareness of disease have given us more mental comfort. Whenever she needed treatment he was there without considering day or night. I was happy to give my mother to Dr. Rajeesh Selva Ganesh's hand for surgery even it was high risk.

By God's grace and his sincere attempt I got my mother back with healthy. Now almost 10 months completed. She is fine. Still Doctor used to call my mother to know her health condition. And informing us all instructions to follow by Whatsapp.

We were there at Sun Rise Hospital almost one month and expected huge amount for her treatment as it is a multi-specialty hospital. But they had charged only usual price which was very relaxing especially normal people like us.

The Care of Doctors, their sincere and lovable attitude towards patients, in fact they were God's hand. And the Nurses were like angels. They were treated my mother as their own mother.

I tried to give some gifts to all when my mother was discharged, but they didn't accept anything other than sweets. Frequently they are calling my mother to know her health condition. I got good approach even from Kakkanad Sun Rise Hospital staffs. Skilled Doctors, Nurses, best services, clean & neat and calm atmosphere, altogether Sun Rise Hospital is best.

Even I am a native of Kannur, I have been recommending to all only about Kakkanad Sun Rise hospital at Eranakulam.


Daughter of Ruckiya


Thanks to Dr. Rajeev Varghese for effective and timely intervention during medical emergency occurred at the hospital and thereby saved the life of my wife.



Respected Dr. Rejeesh,

I would like to express our wholehearted gratitude towards you for performing surgery successfully and saving our grandma's life. May god bless you always to continue your good work.




Dear Parveen,

thanks so much for the excellent support from your hospital at time of need. They have taken so much good care of me that I can't say enough. Happy Diwali to you and family. God bless you all


Kala Ravisankar


My son Mr Ashwin was admitted in Sunrise Hospital under Dr Rajeesh Selvaganesan(Consultant Gastro Surgeon) since he was suffering from Achalasia Cardia. He had undergone surgery for the same & the surgery was successful & he recovered well. I would like to thank Dr Rajeesh for his kind support & expertise. We are very much satisfied with Doctor, Nursing staff, other paramedical staff and hospital management. We thank them all for saving my son’s life.

Babu V R


Babu V R


Hi Parveen, this is Mehar Noufal. I just wanted to thank you for everything you have done.

starting with arranging the appointment and admission at such short notice to all the other attention and care during my stay at the hospital. We were made to feel very comfortable and you have an excellent team.

Pls convey my special thanks to Dr Hafeez. With his expertise, I am leaving the hospital today confident that I have received the best care possible.

We fly back to Dubai tomorrow. I know how busy you are, but it would be a pleasure to welcome you both home whenever you are in Dubai. Thank you again for everything and Noufal also conveys his special thanks to both of you.


Mehar Noufal


Dr. Hafeez Rahman and the services was good in the hospital.



Dr. Hafeez Rahman is a very nice person. Hospital is clean and good. Good service. Sisiters are very friendly.



Thanks for dr. Hafeez Rahman for the caring and good services. I felt that I am at home. All the best for all hospital workers, Doctors, Nurses and all medical team.


Nahariya Al Ismaili from Oman


I am Mrs. Avril D'Coutho, aged 61yrs from Fort Cochin. I am married to Mr. Greg D'Coutho and we have only daughter Ms. Lourdes D'Coutho. I am a kidney patient with end stage renal failure. I have been on dialysis from the year 2007 at Salmaniya Hospital in Bahrain. At that time, my one kidney was functioning. I had to live Bahrain because dialysis was too expensive. I was brought straight to Amrita hospital in India to continue my dialysis. My fistula was done Dr. Unnikrishnan. Amrita was a bit too far for me to travel from Fort Kochi. Therefore after four months of dialysis, I was recommended to Lakshmi hospital in Ernakulam. The treatment in Lakshmi hospital was not up to the standard and therefore my functioning kidney was also damaged and it looked as though my life was setting there.

But by God's grace, I was rushed to Sunrise hospital in Kakkanad in a very bad condition. The Nephrologist at Sunrise hospital was not able to save my bleeding kidney. He tried his best. From then on in 2008, I continued my dialysis in Sunrise. I cannot explain how I used to come to the hospital and was wheeled up every morning to the dialysis. Dr. Sooraj started his sincere and kind treatment. The Managing Director, my encouragement and strength Madam Parveen Hafeez, the management, the technicians and staff of the dialysis department was the source and light for the reason for me to start rising up from my dead sunset. But as years passed by, I never used the wheel chair and walked out as a fresh flower after my dialysis. Today I am on my 1002nd dialysis in Sunrise Hospital Kakkanad.

First I thank God for all his mercy and compassion. God has worked wonder through the hand of my doctors, Dr. Renjith, Dr. Bipin Johney and Dr. Tayson, My technician Mr. Jin pas, all my dialysis nurses and staff. But my only source of positiveness and kindness was only Madam Parveen Hafeez. I also I am very grateful to Dr. Hafeez for the wonderful hospital Sunrise he has founded. The name is perfect "Sunrise", the sun never sets here. The most important feeling a dialysis patient should have is thinking positive and moving forward. You are not a sick patient if you are on dialysis, it is just that you have lost one of your organs, you can still carry on with your life, by taking care of yourself and thinking positive. Never depend on others to take care of you. You have a mind of your own.

The love and caring you get from the doctors and staff is another reason for my survival and I am proud to say that all through my thousand dialysis today, I faced no other complications nor I was admitted in the I.C.U during my three times a week dialysis.

Once again my sincere thanks to Dr. Hafeez, Madam Parveen, all my doctors and staff also right up from the security and cleaners. Not to forget Mr. Riaz and marketing staff who made this day possible for me. I cannot forget my financial supporters. My sincere thanks to all my nearest and dearest friends, my dearest classmates and family, and all institutions and churches and my very close friend in Dubai. I am not able to mention all names my list will be never ending. My only wish is that I would be very thankful to get a sponsor for my three times a week dialysis. God will definitely send someone for me.


Avril D'Coutho


We are happy top treat in Sunrise Hospital. We just came to take second opinion from Dr. Hafeez Rahman. He gave me good advice. Operation done immediately. Operation done successfully. I got a good service from rooms and nurses. We are very much happy.


Shahul Hameed / Sabunnisa


Most satisfactory services of all the doctors, nurses and paramedical staff here which indeed is praiseworthy. The smiling faces with nice and consoling words and advice of the staff are consoling to the patient and the accompanying parents and guardians.

Thanks a lot. Congrats!

N. Sukumaran / Ajitha from Kasargod


Dr. Hafeez Rahman is very good. We are very much satisfied with the staff service and cleaning in the hospital.



Dr. Hafeez Rahman is one of the specialized, skilled, loving and expert dynamic person in the medical field itself. He is a bleass to all people who are sick, I believe he is a messenger of God who heals whoever in pain. I will always pray for him. My special thanks to Parveen Madam too, too living personalities. Thanks to both of you.



Dear Dr. Hafeez Rahman, It was a wonderful experience to stay in sunrise hospital especially under your supervision and I really felt the operation theatre was fully world standards and your nursing staffs were really very very caring and helpful. We love to recommend your hospital to all our relatives and friends.



Thank you Dr. Hafeez for the care and service. I would like to thank everyone especially PRO's nursing staff, doctors & other staffs for their hardwork.



Dr. Hafeez rahman, thank you so much for your care . We had a pain free experience during my surgery and after it was your confidence talk that lead to choose this hospital for my surgery. Once again thank you so much.



The surgery was conducted successfully and till this moment there is no complication. Dr. Hafeez and his team are kind and ameable people. I really appreciate the great concern and care which I have received during the short period of my stay in Sunrise Hospital.

Thanks and God bless you all.



Everything was perfect. The service, care etc was good. Altogether the service made by the hospital was upto our need. We are very satisfied.

Pinky Gigy


I was very impressed by the care in Sunrise Hospital. Staff, members and doctors were all soft spoken, kind and available when needed. The hospital is kept clean and well maintained.

Anuradha Nair


We are extremely pleased with the medical care and stay here.


Overall services good. Doctors and nurses come frequently for checking. Cleanliness is OK and we are overall happy.


Dr. Hafeez and his team and all other staff were extremely helpful and kind. They were a good support system for us. The check-up and surgery went smoothly. Thanks to all the efforts. All the best.


Thanks to Sunrise Hospital !

We did'nt know what to expect but I have to say it was a good experience. Dr. Hafeez and his team did help for my mother. I am sure we will be seeing you and your team for all follow ups. I would like to mention our doctor name Dr. pai. He was like a sunshine with his advises and jokes he was making my mom to understand we cant be protected from anything but it should'nt stop us loving our current lives and always be thankful. We would really want to visit Kochi one more time, but not for medical purposes. Thank you.

Zamira & her daughter Elzana


Dr. Hafeez Rahman has accepted us in very good manner. He is very good. All doctors and staff are very caring and very patient to us. They are very helpful all the time. Hospital is very clean. Good Food. Doctors are very good. Dr. Pai, Dr. Neha, Dr. Saritha all are very good. Kadeeja is very helpful, she used to reply to mails very quickly. She is very caring and helped us a lot. Dr. Hafeez has explained about the procedure in detail and very caring also. He told he will look after my daughter and no need to worry at all. I pray for Dr. Hafeez Rahman all the time. Thank you doctor. We are very happy about the treatment in Sunrise Hospital.

Amania and her mother Hassina

From Oman

Dear Sumesh,

Please be informed that my sister in law had a surgery on 12th August and got discharged on 13th.

Happy to inform you that my brother & family is very much satisfied about the service, patient care and administration of Sunrise hospital. They will definitely recommend this hospital to their friends and relatives.

I, personally and on behalf of my brother & family, thank you for your great support. It has been 4 years since we met first. I know actually you dont have to spend time and energy for one of your old patients. However, you are always ready to help us.

You are very prompt in replying to my calls and emails. That is why I recommend IMH to my friends & dear ones in the UAE and Sunrise in Kerala. Thank you so much for your help. I thank God for you. Stay blessed.

Thanks& Regards Beena George.


Dear Dr. Padma Kumar,

First of all I am really sorry for the late response due to very hectic vacation we had this year.

Further to our consultation /discussion at Dubai IMH and subsequent surgery took place at Sunrise Hospital Kochi, I take this opportunity to extend our sincere gratitude to you and team for the success of my wife’s laparoscopic sleeve surgery. It was a wonderful experience she had at Sunrise Hospital at Kochi and the caring and follow up was excellent. We could feel the great professionalism throughout the process and the time we spent there.

Special thanks to Ms. Supriya for her excellent coordination and follow up from the beginning and feeling that definitely she will be an asset to the hospital in handling customers / Patients in a friendly and professional manner. We cannot forget Ms. Premna who has arranged the facilities in the beginning and thank you Premna for your help.

Once again thank you one and all who were part of this medical process and we wish you all Good luck and May the Almighty God Bless you all in your profession to serve the patients / Society in an expected and excellent way.

Hope to meet you soon in Dubai and kindly let us know your next visit in Dubai.

Thanks& Regards Joshua & Shubha


I was a patient(IP No # 188066) in SUNRISE hospital,Kakkanadu. The reason I am writing this is I need to tell everyone how excellent care I received in this hospital. The service I have received from Dr. MADHUKARA PAI and Team was highly appreciated and .He is a man of such a dedication and an expert in his carrier.

Let me tell you my little story.I was living with my wife and my two little girls in Liverpool,England .Unfortunately I fall ill. I was in and out of the hospital most of the time.( before I went to England I thought the best doctors and best care available in the world are England and USA. If you ask me this question again,answer is No. it is in our kerala and the excellent doctors and the care are here,) Each time i went to the hospital they sent me home with antibotics, They have even done one ultrasound scan . two MRI s and even done examination under anaesthesia and an incision and drainage.

But unfortunately these were not enough for them to find out the diagnosis. I was in lot of pain. we were depressd and distressed. Finally we decided to go to India to get it treated. After a big search,My brother , who is a physiotherapist,told us about Sunrise hospital and Dr.MADHUKARA PAI. Here we received best care by Dr.MADHUKARA PAI ,Dr.MARY VARGHESE and team. He is such an expert and he could diagnosed me with a simple PR examination and then he confirmed the diagnosis with an MRI scan. Then I undergone a surgery . I only stayed one day post operation in the hospital and I had regular follow ups each time. I was getting better . Now I am fully recovered.It is all because of him and his caring team. He is a man with dedication and excellence in his care and also down to earth in nature. He is always have time for his patients. I have contacted him even in the late night time from my home. He was not reluctant to answer my calls at that time also and always gave me the reassurance and advise.

Now I may take the chance to thank him and wish him all the great success in future also. Here I also express my gratitude towards Dr.Mary Varghese , OP staff,Nursing staff(4th floor) , each member of the team involved in my care.and Hospital Management Once again Thank you all .May God bless you.



First of all thank you for everything. Very good behavior from all doctors, nurse and other staffs. What we expect we get more.

Excellent patient care……

Especially thanks for Dr. Hafeez Rahman.


We are advised by our family doctor Mrs. Padmini Jagadeeswar MD, DGO of salem to take treatment at Sunrise Hospital

We are very much satisfied than expectation.

We assure that we will direct our relatives and friends explaining the excellent treatment given by the hospital

Jayaramen – Salem.


Sunrise Hospital at Kakkanad had provided us on excellent service right from start from finish. We are very much impressed by the expertise and clarity brought by Dr. Hafeez Rahman and medical team during laparoscopic surgery and medical advises. Also, we thank the team at front office, administration, operation theatre, 8th floor nursing support for their excellent support including Ms.Swathy, Ms.Pooja and few names are not known.

All the very best for the team and hospital.



Really appreciable services by nursing staff, reception staff, OP staff, technicians in OT and PRO's. Please keep it up.



It was a wonderful experience. When we decided to undergo the surgery, we as well as our relatives had a lot of tension. We were under the impression if old type of hysterectomy where it was like a major surgery, thereafter patient is bed ridden for weeks etc. We thought it could be very much painful also.

Now we realize that things are entirely different. Surgery was really simple and painless. We really appreciate the expertise and experience of Dr. Hafeez Rahman. He is really a genius in this area. Thanks a lot to him.

Sheena Annie Thomas


All together we have good opinion. We are all satisfied about the treatment and the service provided. Dr. Hafeez Rahman is the best doctor, simple and of good behavior. Hospital is very hygienic and excellent nursing service. Thank you for all the service provided. ALL THE BEST.



Thanks to All…

I received a nice treatment from Sunrise Hospital. I am so happy to be here for my surgery. Doctors, Nurses and all other facilities provided here are very well. As per your hospital vision "you can bring the smile of good health on every face"…..

Aswathy Anil Kumar


We are pleased by the services of Dr. Hafeez Rahman and his team of doctors. During the stay at the hospital staff nurses were too very pleasing and responsive.

Antony Francis


Sunrise hospital we came for operation. Operation done good. We found services satisfactory.



Good Service and clean atmosphere.



The treatment is excellent and thanks to Dr. Hafeez Rahman for the hospitality and confidence he gave to patient and also all other doctors who had attended me.



Good Service. Hospital is very hygienic. Good nursing service.



Well performing.



The treatment is excellent. Thanks to Dr. Hafeez Rahman for the hospitality and confidence.



All is well. Dr. Hafeez is a very good Doctor.

Shefin Sherif


Hearty experience. Very good service from all staff. Memorable experience.

Kunju Mol


Excellent treatment. Good nursing. It is a very good experience and thanks to the special care by Dr. Hafeez Rahman and his dedicated team. Canteen service is also good.

B. Syed Mohammed Yasin IPS

DGP and Director Coastal Security Kerala


Dr. Hafeez Rahman is a very good doctor. We are satisfied.



All together we have good opinion. All the staffs are very co-operative. Dr. Hafeez is simple and of good behavior. We are very happy.



Admitted on 25/05/2016 and the laparoscopy done by Dr. Hafeez Rahman. Excellent results.

Dr. Thanki


About Dr. Hafeez : The Best We are all satisfied about the treatment and service you provided. All the Best for Dr. Hafeez – Great Person

Prasanna & Mohan


We were attended well by the staff of the hospital. All the staff were courteous and prompt in the response. All nurses who attended were "Awesome". Thank you.



Very good service. All staffs are very co-operative and caring. Explained everything correctly. Doctors are also very good.



I am a patient from from Kayamkulam. I came on 09/05/2016 for the surgery. In my opinion Dr. Hafeez and all the staff are good caring. Hospital and the surroundings are very neatly kept and attractive. We are getting good food from the canteen.



Very good opinion about the Dr. Hafeez Rahman, Hospital & the staff. Nothing else to say.



After coming to the Hospital from the beginning till the discharge after surgery I am very happy with the services provided by the staffs. Me and my family is very thankful to Allah and Dr. Hafeez.

Rasheeda Salim


We came to see Dr. Hafeez Rahman on 09/05/2016 and surgery done on the same day. Very good Doctor. On 10/05/2016 Dr. Hafeez Rahman came to the room and explained the details of the surgery and discharged. All the facilities are good.



Very good Hospital and nurses with absolute sense of safety by the response and management of Dr. Hafeez Rahman. Thank you so much.

Sreeja / Dr. Dileep Kumar


Dr. Hafeez Rahman is very good. Good nursing staff. SICU staffs are very good.



Nurses service very good. Neatness and room facilities good.



Dr. Hafeez Rahman is a very efficient doctor. We are very much satisfied. Staff are very caring.



Dr. Hafeez Rahman service is very good. Doctor will listen carefully what patients are saying and he will reply accordingly. We are very much satisfied.



I was extremely happy with all the services provided. The rooms are really good and clean. Had a greatful experience with the staff, The nurse Swathi and the nurses in the operation theatre room were really pleasant.



Happy with Hospital especially with Dr. Hafeez who attended Rahmath.



Very Good.



We met Dr. Hafeez Rahman and we are very much impressed about doctors positive attitude towards the patients. We are very happy and satisfied by the doctors and hospital staff. We pray for Dr. Hafeez Rahman to enter in to the Guinness book of records for the specialist in Key hole surgery.



Very good. Overall opinion cleanliness good, rooms are good, very good ambience, courteous staff professional service.

Dr. Sheena & Sajan George


Very thankful for the service, regarding treatment very satisfied and giving more mental support. Dr. Hafeez surgery and explanation giving positive energy from the admission to till we are happy.



The overall treatment was good. Doctors were good and staff was also caring. Hospital envoinment is clean and tidy. It was a good experience to be here in this hospital.



Very good service and good hospital. We are satisfied.



A very good hospital and well care of patient.



Good service. Nursing is very good caring and helping. Good environment neat and clean.



I am very thankful to Dr. Hafeez second time for giving better care. Dr. Hafeez is very polite to the patients, when we are talking by phone. The staffs in the ward also very helpful and more supportive.Once again thank you Dr. Hafeez Rahman and team.



We are very much satisfied about the treatment and the care taken by the staff.

Moni Thomas


Completely felt at home !! Excellent service. This is the first time in this hospital. Will definitely refer my friends / relatives.

Thank you Dr. Hafeez Rahman and Dr. Pai……

Excellent nursing team !!

Well co-ordinate by Ms. Supriya.

Benny Thomas


Suite was comfortable. Nursing care was very good, so as housekeeping and cafeteria. Thank you for the services. Post-op I feel good.



It was a good experience. Cheerful and patient staff. The treatment received was excellent in the patients own words.



The service is very good by the support staff. Dr. Hafeez did a wonderful job. Many thanks doctor. Timely service was good. We will surely refer Sunrise for our friends.

Anitha Thomas


Coming a long way to here is the only reason to consult Dr. Hafeez Rahman and got the treatment under him. That's all.



We really enjoyed the service of the hospital. The hospital was excellent and up to the mark. Thanks to everybody and wish all the best in life.



 I am Bashir uddin Ahmed and live in Bangladesh. I am a service holder of Islami Bank Central Hospital , Dhaka, Bangladesh. I came here for better treatment to Dr. Hafeez Rahman, Chairman, Sunrise Hospital with my wife Inun Nahar. She needs to do removal of Endometriosis. This operation is not done in our Bangladesh. This operation is done successfully by Dr. Hafeez and his team. I am happy to meet him. Hes has given me hope. Every staff of this hospital is very mild and smiling free and their behavior is very good. Thanks to all of the staff of this hospital. If I will get chance to come next here, then I myself in this hospital. With best regards to all.

Bashir Uddun Ahmed - Bangladesh


I am Thankamma satisfied with all services provided by Sunrise Hospital. I am so thankful to all staffs, especially to Sister Aneesha in Hospital




Aleena Raichel Roy 12 years old girl came in these hospital on 18/04/2016 at around 07:00 PM with an emergency situation. We came from other hospital for an emergency laparoscopy. We were in a bad situation that time, but once we reached hospital we got very pleaseant atmosphere. Especially in the outpatient section. Dr. Aby Koshy was too much good to approach and his explanations about the surgery and diagnosis was very much appreciable. In the recovery room staff and doctors we don't know which words to say about these kind services which one they rendered to us. We would like to say too muck thanks to Dr. Hafeez. He is very much helped us in these condition. Day time he was very busy on 18th April. What ever busy he faced in the day time, he did'nt mind that busy and he promised that he will do the surgery night itself. During the surgery time and after surgery also Dr. Hafeez explained it in a very approachable way. In the post operative room and in patient care also the one they given is very much appreciable. Once more we are too much thankful about the care you people given to us is very much efficient and appreciable. Thank you so much, God bless you.

Roy Thomas


I am really thankful to Dr. Hafeez (referred by Dr. Shafalika, Columbia Asia, Bangalore) for taking care of me during the entire duration I was in cochin. I had come to see Dr. Hafeez for treatment of endometriosis cysts. I am really happy that the doctor was able to clear the cysts completely. I was provided with a detailed explanation of the entire procedure carried out on me which gived me confidence that I have come to the right place for treatment.

The staff in hospital and the doctors were very courteous and attended my queries on time. Overall good services by hospital staff and doctors.

I would surely recommend this hospital for the entire range of treatments provided.

Sharda Iyer


We (my wife and me) are relieved today! We are really worried when the 'fibroid' started creating the pain (diagnosed by a gynaecologist in Mumbai, a few months back).

We both are not really comfortable with the idea to do the operation in Mumbai. As we are far from all our relatives and friends. So we started searching for a hospital in kerala.

There were many options to choose from. To our goodluck, Dr. Shaji (HOD, Anesthetist, Sunrise Hospital) a close relative of mine gave full confidence and assurance to do the operation at Sunrise Hospital at the safe hands of Dr. Hafeez.

During the first interation with Dr. Hafeez, we were mentally out of our fear about the process and consequences of the surgery and now we are physically relieved of that unwanted grouth inside the body.

Thanks in tons to Dr. Hafeez, Dr. Shaji and all the other doctors and staff at sunrise for your wonderful support for us.



Our feedback about the hospital is very good, doctors and nurses are careful for us and they helps us to get better. We feel much better now and we are going back to home with benefit.

Thanks very much.

Shamsa Salem from Oman


Very happy to have been a patient in the esteemed institution. Famous even in Trivandrum. Would like to thank the entire staff both doctors and others who are just likes spokes in a wheel each doing their part. Thank you very much.



We are so thankful for all the services we received. Really we are too tensed about our daughter condition. But too much very kind services we received. All staffs, doctors are really very good.



Find fine, good.



Faculties of this hospital and the interaction with Dr. Hafeez was very good and he is so polite and very good and experienced hand. Very nice to be have. Thanks to Dr. Hafeez for his excellency.



Thanks to the prompt action taken by Dr. Shaji and Dr. Hafeez for the facilities and the care taken by the hospitalcommentable. Thanks a ton ! That's all we have to say.



Overall good services by hospital staff and doctors.

Sharda Iyer


We are residents of Thrikkakkara and, as such, we have been visiting Sunrise Hospital for all our medical needs from its inception. All these years, Sunrise Hospital has given excellent services, whenever we required consultation and treatment. We are happy to understand that the Hospital is now having all the medical departments highly qualified specialist doctors and well equipped with all the latest medical equipment and laboratories.

We would like to specially thank Dr. Hafeez Rahman, the backbone of this reputed Hospital, for his care attention and expertise we experienced during the laparoscopic surgery for my wife in April 2016.

We wish all success to Sunrise Hospital in future years.



Dr. Hafeez Rahman, Dr. Padmakumar and other doctors are very caring and of good behavior. Very good caring from nursing staff. Hospital and premises are very clean. We wish Sunrise Hospital ALL THE BEST.



Sleep Apnoea, Snoring and OSA:Dr.Ranjini Raghavan - An excellent professional and expert with a great personality!!!

The World Sleep Day was on the 18 March 2016 with an impressive slogan: 'Good Sleep is a Reachable Dream' It is aimed to celebrate the benefits of sound and healthy sleep and to draw attention to the burden of sleep problems and their medicine, education and social aspects; to promote sleep disorders prevention and management.

I would like to state my own case and experience at Sunrise Hospital to give an insight to others who are suffering with Sleep Apnoea. A great thanks to Dr.Ranjini Raghavan for the great treatment provided to me at Sunrise Hospital Cochin. Please note those who are in Australia wonder why I did my surgery at Kerala, India; even I've the Bupa, Australia private insurance!!!

Let me state it very clear that Medical Emergencies outstanding in Melbourne, can't compare with Any other world;but some Medical Facilities, Medical Care and Medical technologies experienced in Kerala Hospitals is excellent as I experienced as well from my studies compare with Australian Medical Facilities and Ageing equipment used in the hospital as well the waiting period because of the lack of experience people availability.

I don't blame any medical professional and we need more Doctors in Australia which were a long outstanding request from the people of Australia for more than ten years. I had OSA - Obstructive Sleep Apnoea for at least Ten years or more!!!

I didn't have any snoring and was not an obese person as well but I had OSA, the symptoms varies with each person. As doctor states it depends on the block in the nose and throat, my nose was bended and throat was small and as well the thickness at the back end tongue was blocking the airway. My personal suggestion to all those who are having sleep apnoea to go for a consultation with the doctor and go through the procedure which will open your airway and give you a nice and better sleep create a great difference in your life. Three and Half years before fortunately I heard about Sleep Study and I've gone through the Sleep Study Test and identified that I've OSA and Started using CPAP machine every night and whenever I want to sleep.

After telephonic conversation with Dr.Ranjini Raghavan from here, last December 30 2015, I had undergone the Surgery for Nose and Throat by Dr.Ranjini Raghavan Senior ENT Specialist and Head of ENT at Sunrise Hospital Cochin on December 30, 2015. The operation for both nose and throat went for around 4 hours and after Two days was discharged from the hospital on 01/01/2016.

Post-surgery I had followed the instruction from the doctor be it medicine or otherwise and was healed quicker than expected. Along with this the most important part was that I could resume my normal daily life soon within a week after the surgery be it food or travel. After the surgery, I stopped using the CPAP machine and could sleep well without any issues.

I am aware of many people suffering with OSA in Melbourne and other part of world and wish to communicate with them that it's an easy procedure and under the expertise of Dr.Ranjini Raghavan and Medical facilities at Sunrise hospital, you will find outstanding results!!!!

My sincere thanks and gratitude towards Dr.Ranjini Raghavan, Doctors, Nurses, Other staffs who were really beyond words in profession and with a great team network as I experienced.

Jimmy Varghese


Thank you Parveen for the wonderful experience at your hospital. Please convey my grateful thanks to the Dr. Rajeev and all the staff



We are very much satisfied by the care given by sunrise hospital. Room was clean. The services given by nursing staff was very good.

Nadiya Shihab


Excellently performed procedure by Dr. Hafeez Rahman Very good nursing staff Efficient attendants at hospital Overall super experience

Mahima Nijhowne


It was a pleasant time, here with a very good hospitality & services all together. Thanks to Dr. Hafeez Rahman & Dr. Rajakumari for all supporting staffs.

Modly T Veliath


Good Service.



Excellent service from the part of nursing. Everything good..



Very good service. Dr. Hafeez Rahman's approach to patients was very good. Overall very good service.



Dear Doctor Resmi,

We wanted to thank you for helping us with our marital issues.

Prior to coming to you, we never realized or accepted the fact that our personality differences are the root cause of our problems. During the course of the cognitive behavior therapy, we started identifying and accepting our differences. Answering the psycho metric asessments which you gave we had an opportunity to look closely at our own problems before criticizing our partner.

Once again, thank you so much for giving us the tools that will hopefully help us lead a happy married life.

Vinod & Heera


We are satisfied in services provided by the hospital. Dealings from all staff are satisfactory.

Bini George


Food are satisfactory and good taste. I am very happy about your kind service. Wish you all the best for your good job.

Ishra from Sri lanka


In Sunrise Hospital all the nursing and non-nursing staff behavior is very good. This hospital is of good standard especially Dr. Hafeez Rahman.



First time we are coming to this hospital and we are very happy and pleased and happy with the services you provided to us. Thank you for all your support and kindness. And very much thankful to the doctors and nurses in the operation theatre and wards.



First of all we would like to express our sincere thanks to the chairman of this reputed institution. Dr. Hafeez Rahman, thanks for your care, motivation and your sincere approach. Thanks to all the nursing staffs and others for your better care given to us. Each and every one in the organization is working as a team behind Dr. Hafeez. It is the goodwill and a great asset to this wonderful institution and make sure that we are also a member of the sunrise family

Once again thanks to all.



We are from Bangladesh. But the way in which Sunrise Hospital provide us all facilities and medical treatment it feels like home. All hospital staffs and doctors were so much co-operative to us. We are so much honored to have such a co-operation from you. I think it was a great experience for us and we feel we will be there if further such complexity will arise with any of our relatives.

Thanks for your co-operation.

Papri Barua.


Hi, My wife was obese and had Diabetes. We visited Dr. Padmakumar who advised us to go for the laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy as this would address both the problems. My wife had undergone the surgery around 5 months back and we found that her blood sugar levels which were at 300+ in fasting had immediately dropped down to 80. We are 5 months post surgery now and her weight is coming down and the blood sugar levels are in the 90s range which is phenomenal. I thank the doctor for this great job and thank God.


Augustine, Dubai.


I have come to know about Sunrise Hospital through google search and ALHAMDULILLAH my decision was 100% right. I had a great experience while taking treatment from Sunrise Hospital. Doctors are highly qualified, listen to patients with care and provide understandable feedback & very effective solution. I am grateful to Dr Neena Shilen for her great care about my baby's treatment. She is simply outstanding and her way of patient handling is world class. Hats off Mam Also I am amazed by getting valuable advice and instructions from Diana Mary Pathrose. She is brilliant in terms of analyzing issues. I have found Anu John very talented and helpful while dealing with patient. She has gone extra miles for me. All nurses, specially Shila, Rekha, Laxmi are so helpful. I have always found them in " How may help you" attitude. Last but not least, without help of GM Operations, Pooja Ajith it was not possible to go Sunrise Hospital and take service. She sincerely replied all my email and query before coming to your Hospital. She has taken our care as her close relatives. We felt very relieved and honored with her service. We found her very busy with her responsibilities. Although that, she always taken great care of us. We will never forget your help Pooja.
Every stuff of cafeteria, lab, medicine store, reception, payment, cleaning, reception, public relations are always greeted us with smile and showed "How may I help you" attitude. Although there was a language barrier, their helping tendency and smile overcomes all obstacles. You gyes are awesome.

Salute to Management who planted such rich culture and heritage of service. I wish all success of Sunrise Hospital.

I am requesting management of Sunrise Hospital to showcase your hospital and service at my country Bangladesh. It will definitely help lots of people to know about your service and expertise. Thank you .

Regards, Muhammed Mamun-Ur-Rashid


Sunrise Hospital, Kakanad has given me a new life & a second chance to go on living. First of all I must thank God who is my Healer & Saviour who has worked miracles through the hands of the expertise of the well trained doctors in Sunrise. Now let me introduce myself. I am Mrs.Avril D'coutho, aged 61, with end renal kidney failure. I started doing dialysis in the year 2007 in Bahrain Sulmaniya Hospital, my husband Mr, Gregory & our only daughter Lourdes, we were all in Bahrain. When I developed kidney failure and started my dialysis, we decided to return back to India, to our homeland Fort Kochi. I continued my dialysis at Amrta Hospital, for 3 months, but the long distance from Kochi made my go to Lakshmi Hospital in Ernakulam. At that time my one kidney was functioning. The very bad experience and negligence of the doctors & staff, I lost my kidney which was functioning also. By God's grace, I was brought to Sunrise recommended by one of our family friends who lived next to Sunrise hospital. My first on entering the doors of Sunrise, seeing the smiling faces of doctors and staff gave me the feeling that I am going to well looked after and taken care of. This was in the year 2009 and let me make it known to the whole world from then on I was only rising up,because the Sun never sets in Sunrise Hospital. My brightest sunshine, who gave me a reason to live on with a positive thinking is my Sunshine, the MD of Sunrise Hospital Madam Praveen.

Avril d coutho


I just came from Indore with great tension whether I will get the facility of dailisys up to the mark which I was getting from Bombay hospital and I am very glad to inform that dialysis is being done with great satisfaction and my wife is very much satisfied services provided by Doctors and team is giving me entire satisfaction.

Vijay Pandya


Had a lap mymectomy with big fibroids removed which a doctor in USA couldn't do , thanks to God and Dr Hafeez Rehman plus his team of nurses. I got the best care from nurses and my recovery was swift as I was on my feet next day. Will be an ambassador for this clinic in Nigeria. The entire nursing crew and PRO were very friendly and awesome.

Chinedu Pavina


Hi Parveen. Had been to your hospital yesterday. I am really impressed by your PRO team. Two of them were very helpful. Can't get name Laya. They were very forthcoming and were working with lot of energy. Please give my appreciation to them. Success comes with good people. You have a good team. All the very best.


I am the patient of Dr Resmi ( Senior Psychologist.) My treatment was started on 15th June. That's time I was suffering from tension, vomiting , digestion problem, weight loss, urgency of urine, panic, sleeping disorders, anger and anxiety. Doctor prescribed relaxation techniques, breathing exercise and CBT. That was very helpful to me. Now I can concentrate in my works and got improvement in digestion.



Ramesh and Vinitha.


Dear Sir,

We are sending this mail to express our gratitude to the doctors and nurses of Sunrise Hospital who helped us realize our dream of becoming parents of a healthy child. Our son Vivikth (F.No: 166172) was born at Sunrise Hospital on Nov 20, 2014 after a series of Infertility treatments. He had a relatively rough start being born premature, but is doing very well now.

Our long overdue thanks goes to the following people -

Dr.Aby Koshy, Gynaecologist and Infertility Specialist

Before we met Dr.Koshy, we were under the treatment of a Reproductive-Endocrinologist in the US. We had also consulted some 'well-known' Infertility Specialists in Bangalore and Kochi. To keep it brief - not only were we dissatisfied with the treatments/approach but were also left in a state of disillusionment.

Dr.Koshy was the kind of doctor we had longed to find - competent, knowledgeable and patient enough to answer all questions. He is systematic, caring and so approachable that he is always just a phone call(or e-mail) away. Our pregnancy was also a complicated one, with episodes of heavy bleeding. During these episodes he would be present almost immediately to evaluate the situation and inform us about it, which was very reassuring. Our road to Parenthood was not an easy one, but when we look back the wisest decision we made during this journey was to choose Dr.Koshy and stick with him.

We would also like to thank Dr.Koshy's nursing staff Ms.Deepa and Ms.Regimol and also the Embryology Department - Dr.Prashant and Ms.Naseema.

Dr.Abey Mathew, Neonatologist & Pediatrician

When our new-born was in the NICU , we were obviously worried but his Neonatologist Dr.Abey Mathew's kind enthusiasm and diligence helped lighten our worries. He was very approachable and empathetic. He was committed to making Vivikth's NICU stay as uneventful as possible. Thanks to all his efforts we were able to take home a healthy and thriving baby.

The NICU nursing staff

Our heartfelt gratitude to the Nightingales of Sunrise NICU who cared for our son day and night during his 40 days stay. Jency K John and Manju K Jose were assigned as his primary nurses on most days. They were very professional and compassionate.

Meera, Jesna, Silvy, Anu and Leeba cared for him on some days. With all of them, we could rest assured that our baby was in good hands.

Please make sure our words reach each one of them

Thanks and Regards,

Kim Band
05-01- 2016

I trust you had a wonderful break and happy 2016! Thank-you very much for arranging everything so perfectly for my procedure at Sunrise Hospital. Nenu and the other PRO's were all wonderful in assisting us with all our needs. We are lucky to have been in such good hands. Thank-you to you and your wonderful team. I have recovered well. Now I only have small scabs and the cuts have almost healed. My husband and I look forward to trying to start a family...thanks to Dr. Hafeez and the caring staff at Sunrise.

1O- 9- 2015

Goodevening Sir(Padmakumar doc and Pai doc)
I amfrom Riyadh who had undergone surgery on 21st sep for gastric sleeve.Thank you for the excellent surgery Sir, I was extremely impressed by your surgical skill, post operative care. I want to sincerely thank you and your staff for very good service provided to me during my surgery.
Thanks for the hospital management for your excellent care and administration, especially the team under Dr.Padmakumar.Also I would like to point out few names Specially Doc Pai and also Miss.Supriya and Miss.Feby (IMH)for their support and service Hopefully waiting for best results.And expecting Sir full support in future too.

Sebastian George

The Doctors especially Dr Padmakumar, Dr Pai, Dr Farish were really helpful

The 2nd & 8th floor Nurses was very helpful and mercy. The Doctor was very excellent. The physiotherapy was also good. Bijoy (male Nurse), Aneesh, Anoop, Sonu (physiotherapy department) also very helpful

Thank you so much

M Bilal Rasheed 3-9-2015

Hospital rates are properly not costly. Diabetic surgery is best one in your hospital, By this one your hospital will shine. I wish you all the best, Specially Dr R Padmakumar

Hamvir Singh Panwar

Excellent care while the hospital stay. Nursing staffs are very helpful during the admission time

Many Thanks
Shaji Jose

Brendan Geoman
17 -7-2015

Thank you so much to all the Doctors, Nurses & staff for thanking care of me in such a caring & professional way. All the staff are a credit to there profession, the hospital & India. Thank you once again

Biju Mathew
16 -7-2015

I am continuing to take medical help from this Hospital. So I will be soon back

I am satisfied with the courtesy of the staff & skill of the doctors

Meera Mohankumar

Good Morning Sir !, I am Dr R Thilakavani from chennai, Thank you for the excellent surgery, I was extremely impressed by your surgical skill, post operative care, You are an outstanding surgeon Sir ! I want to sincerely thank you and your staff for very good service provided to me during my surgery.

Dr Thilakavani

My name is Jake and I'm an IT engineer by profession. I walked into Sunrise hospital this month while on vacation to get myself checked up. I had to receive treatment for several issues that I hadn't had the chance to take care of in years. It was not my first time here and I was very happy with the standard of care I had received earlier so I came back, trusting that I was in safe hands. I want to share my experience and the impression that I was given over this round of treatment.
To put it plain and simple, I was stunned by the quality of care I received. I ended up having to visit four specialists and I managed to see them all in just one day as a walk-in patient. I don't know where else in the world such a thing is possible but it's certainly not any place I have lived. The range of issues I had to receive treatment for were quite diverse and in the end, all I walked out with was a deep respect for the way this house of healing was built.
Let me explain why I formed such a strong and positive impression. I mainly interacted with two levels of the organization
Specialists: Every doctor I met with has an extremely sharp ability to filter out all the noise and expose the root cause of my issues in an instant - an ability that has been refined through decades of experience, no doubt. Treatments recommended are cautious but executed with certainty and the foremost concern when prescribing medication is the well-being of the patient and nothing else. The process followed was to get myself checked by all the specialists, obtain a list of required tests, carry out the tests and then revisit the doctors in the correct sequence. This is standard procedure across all hospitals but what set you apart was its perfect execution. Along each step, I was informed of the reasons why things needed to be done and the intentions driving them. In other words, I was treated with respect on a personal level and not as some clueless fool that lesser hospitals have a habit of doing.
Nursing: I cannot praise the nursing staff enough. From the moment I walked in, I was taken care of by a wonderful lady who stayed with me and explained everything that needed to be done along every step of the way. I laughed when she kept repeating what I had to do because even after she explained things so well, she wasn't satisfied and decided to go through the whole thing again. She was handling a hundred different things at the same time but every time I walked out of a lab or screening room, she would appear out of nowhere like some guardian angel and tell me what to do next. It's kind of ironic that she shares the same name as my mother. I felt like telling her that I understood the process and that she should move on to other people who may be confused but who am I to deny such passion so I could only smile as I watched her in action. The degree of sincere care expressed was humbling.
Experiencing the workings of this hospital was like watching a living organism maintain homeostasis. This house is organic and it does not appear to be stifled by bureaucratic rigidity. Every member of the family understands their role within the environment and you work as a single, cohesive unit. It is very easy to see this through the standard of excellence expressed through the actions of every department. There is an efficient process that guides the actions of the hospital and this process has been built on the desire to treat people with care and respect. These values are what allow me to freely give my trust to Sunrise. It is not just the technical execution of medical care provided that forms my view; it is this combined with your understanding that you are dealing with real people. People who often come to you anxious, scared or angry - in an unstable emotional state. These emotions come from a very deep place and they are valid because your patients are handing over their trust to you, strangers, from the deepest level possible - their lives. It is my experience that the significance of this trust is not lost within these walls.
I know very well that the medical profession is one of the hardest to be in. Several of my friends are studying for it right now. A challenge of this journey is that from their very beginnings in medical school, they understand that their lives will be one of selfless sacrifice. It is my fear that the hardships of the journey might batter their ideals. They will face challenges from internal sources - personal struggles, financial difficulties or even their own health issues, and external sources - such as a lack of appreciation from patients or news of malpractice from other doctors who taint this profession. If these challenges happen to coincide at the same point in time, I'm certain that the burden will weaken their resolve and they will question why they set out on this path in the first place - something I'm sure you've asked yourselves several times before, if not just once. But! If I ever catch them at this moment of weakness, I will point to Sunrise hospital and say "This is why."

Thank you Jake Tom

My little (3 year) son was brought into IMH Emergency and he was in total seizure and he had turned blue and stopped breathing. This was due to high temperature and the hospital (name withheld) where I was treating him earlier refused to accept him stating "we can't handle the case". In a state of desperation I searched for a nearby hospital with an emergency department and someone suggested your hospital seeing our predicament.

He was rushed in and within a matter of 20 minutes he was revived and I should say rescued from certain hopelessness.

I felt we were in good hands based on the way your entire team responded, especially the duty doctor who also spoke to the chief over phone and executed the necessary resuscitating protocols and saved his life.

Though this has come a bit late, I would like to sincerely thank the hospital management and especially your team for having acted with empathy and professionalism in rescuing my son.

I owe his life to your team and would like to bring him over some day when the team is present and simply thank them for what they did. Last but not the least, I am a brand ambassador by default for your hospital and team and have spread this happiness with everyone, especially parents that I meet and know.

Thank you once again and wishing your team and hospital all success for the future!!!

Arvind J V

We came to your hospital 'SUNRISE" for the treatment of my wife's uterus related problems. We are coming first time to this hospital.
It is further noticed that the the behavior and approach of Respected Shri. Dr Hafeez Rahman is very much appreciated and we got a feeling that we are utmost safe at the treatment of the doctor. Dr Hafeez Rahman is very gentle and polite. We convey our hearty congratulations and gratitude and thanks to Dr Hafeez Rahman.
Further, we pray to God to bless you and your family. "May God Bless You Doctor".

A.X Vincent
(Husband of Smt. Rosemary A.G)

I wish to thank Dr Hafeez Rahman and the staff of Sunrise Hospital for the excellent care and kindness shown to my mother, Mrs. Daisy George during her surgery and stay at the hospital.
The services and the comfort offered are commendable.
Thank you once again
Yours sincerely
Jino George

20 June 2015

Thanks for the hospital management for your excellent care and administration, especially the team under Dr.Padmakumar.
Thank you,
A J Vincent
17&18 May 2015

Everything was excellent and satisfactory
S. Shivane

Have good satisfaction on the overall care, appeared of very sincere attitudes and behavior throughout our stay
Thanks very much
B/O Jini Ajesh

Good and great service, much polite and prompt staff. Overall good experience. Excellent Doctor !!
Sujith Murukan

Thanks for providing excellent service. Doctors, Nurses, other staffs are really courteous and helpful. Special thanks to all the nurse staff in 8th floor & NICU for the taking care of my babies so well
All the best for future

Totally I am very much satisfied with Sunrise.
Sajeena Noushad

All the services provided are excellent and completely satisfactory

The nursing care 2nd floor Rooms No: 2006 excellent. They are really the followers of Florence Nightingale They are sympathetic and politely mannered.
Sheeja Gopinath

9th May 2015
"In the Name of God"
I want to say one Big "Thank You" to the consultant Dr. Hafeez Rahman for his perfect work and patience with me, he understands me alot and doing whatever he could to make me happy with his management. This such a gentleman deserves all respect from me and my family.

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