Sunrise Mini Marathon 2018

SUNRISE HOSPITAL proudly presents a 10km MINI-MARATHON 2018 and 5km run/ fun walk for a cause by promoting awareness on how to handle an accident victim. Management of Road Traffic Accident victim is extremely time sensitive. Every second counts from the time of accident till hospital. As doctors, our aim is to explain you on


  • What to do after an accident?
  • Dos & Don’ts on Accident Victim.
  • How to handle an accident victim
  • Early Transportation

Road Traffic Accidents

Road traffic accident is the 8th leading cause of death globally. Not a day passes without road traffic accident happening on the roads in India in which a countless number of people are killed or disabled. The only chance of survival for the accident victim remains emergency care and treatment they receive within the golden hour.

What is the golden hour?

It is the first hour after an accident. If a victim makes it to a hospital within the golden hour, the chances of survival are relatively high. Data shows that about 80% of accident victims in India don't receive emergency medical care within this time, they are left untouched in a pool of blood as the public do not know how to handle the victim or they are afraid of the legal hassles. Timely help during the golden hour and an early goal-directed therapy provided by a quick response trauma team of any hospital can definitely reduce the mortality and morbidity to a very large extent.

The doctors of the SUNRISE HOSPITAL have come up with an idea to create awareness among the public regarding the importance of being a first and best responder to an accident. SUNRISE HOSPITAL is organizing a mini-marathon (Season 1) to highlight the importance of emergency care in accident victims during golden hour. This year's theme is 'BE A FIRST, BEST, FAST SAVIOUR'. We plan to organize this event every year with different themes of medical importance. This is organized and executed solely by the doctors of the SUNRISE HOSPITAL.

Organizing Team

Organizing Patrons

  • Dr. Hafeez Rahman P. A.
  • Ms Parveen Hafeez

Organizing Chairperson

  • Dr. Prathap Kumar K.R.

Organizing Secretary

  • Dr. Rejeesh Selvaganesan

Joint Secretary

  • Dr. Jithin Jose
  • Dr. Nitha G


  • Dr. Praveen Kumar P.

Advisory Committee

  • Dr. Baiju Senadhipan
  • Dr. Balakrishnan N.
  • Dr. Chalam Das V.
  • Dr. John E.V.
  • Dr. Manjunath D.S.
  • Dr. Pradeep Naick
  • Dr. Rajeev Jayadevan
  • Dr. Ranjini Raghavan
  • Dr. Shaji P.G.

Executive Committee

  • Dr. Anurag V. M.
  • Dr. Biju M Nair
  • Dr. Dhanya Pillai
  • Dr. Hans Ambooken
  • Dr. Jayaraj S.
  • Dr. Kamalesh Kumar
  • D. Mahesh Nair
  • Dr. S. Abilash
  • Dr. Sayooj K. Mukundan
  • Dr. Sheetal Binu
  • Dr. Suja P. Sukumar
  • Dr. Suraj P. Haridas
  • Dr. Tariq Thameem M.
  • Dr. Vineeth Alexander

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