Our Patient Testimonials

Dear Madam,
Its a great honour and pleasure to acquaint with you and ofcourse with your Doctor husband. Because of you only I got the chance for my operation this much early, which was a great success. Thank you and the Doctor so much. I was discharged yesterday evening and now I feel very comfortable. I'm writing this just for saying my gratitude to your family. Once again my humble thanks to your family for your great service.


Dear Parveen,
Thanks for your personal involvement and help. Mother got discharged yesterday after completion of antibiotic course.Really happy with the attention, care and treatment. Thanks to Dr Suraj who not only treated but also had that humane touch to make the patient feel at home and mentally happy. Doctors of that genre are quite limited today.


I am getting good service from Sunrise . Happy that you started homecare service. It will be a great help for people, especially for those who are bed ridden and also for the elderly patients living in flats that dont have lifts.Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart

The most better services, Good Facilities, Very good Doctors. Valuble advices. We are very happy

Sincerely, Habbeb Rahman Al Buhari

My name is Aisha from Nigeria. I came to Sunrise Hospital, Kochi to have surgery with Dr Hafeez Rahman. The entire experience was amazing, the staff were very attentive and caring. The surgery was minimally invasive and I was able to leave the hospital just 1 day after surgery with mild pain. I definitely recommend this hospital to anyone thinking of coming. Special thanks to Dr Hafeez Rahman, all the doctors and nurses and Shyla from patient relations.

Sincerely, Dr Aisha, Nigeria,

Over the past 5 months I've been under treatment for bipolar and depression under Dr. Reshmi and Dr. Sethunath. The results of treatment has been very positive. I came here emotionally unstable and subject to heavy mood swings. Now for the past month I've been pleasantly stable. I also have to appreciate the therapy for not being too pushy, i.e. my personal tastes of being introverted and keeping few relations were well respected in the sessions I had.Overall I'm very happy with the success I've had, and look forward enthusiastically to the day I'm completely cured from needing treatment.

Sincerely, Ashik

Doctors, staffs, management in general are highly commendable and Very good in their personal approach. particularly Dr. Vinod Abraham needs unusual respect and his personal attention is beyond language, logic and reasoning. I like this hospital sincerely in all respect.

Sincerely,TPN Pillai

My son Mr Ashwin was admitted in Sunrise Hospital under Dr Rajeesh Selvaganesan(Consultant Gastro Surgeon) since he was suffering from Achalasia Cardia. He had undergone surgery for the same & the surgery was successful & he recovered well. I would like to thank Dr Rajeesh for his kind support & expertise. We are very much satisfied with Doctor, Nursing staff, other paramedical staff and hospital management. We thank them all for saving my son’s life.

Thanks, Babu V R
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