We got discharged from Sunrise on the 31st of March after a surgery for my wife, Annu Thomas. I am basically a resident of Trivandrum but we decided to get the surgery done at Sunrise because of inputs I got from my cousin, who, incidentally, is with your hospital – Dr. Aby Koshy.
We were impressed with the interaction we had with the Doctors and staff there but one group stuck out – the team at the insurance desk. I have had to interact with the insurance contact points in a few hospitals earlier, but the effort these gentlemen (Sanil and team) have put in to get me the insurance on time was phenomenal! They have put in so much sincere effort to handle queries from the insurance company and get those sorted out – I have not seen this kind of proactive support from any of the hospitals I have interacted with. Very polite, sympathetic and genuine.
I thought you should know about this – getting the right people is not an easy task. Insurance, is, after all, an important part of the overall experience and as end users, we don’t want to spend too much time on this.
I wish the hospital and the entire team the very best. Do convey our gratitude to the teams involved.

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