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Dear Mrs Parveen Hafeez,

I’m the mother of Darius whom you so kindly and speedily helped on Wednesday. I want to thank you very much for all you did for our son. Your quick thinking, action and kindness has helped to salvage Darius’s finger and eased a very traumatic experience for him and for us. Dr Mahesh has been brilliant and we are very grateful to him and your staff at Sunrise Hospital. Thank you so much! I’ve just had Darius at a Plastic surgeon in Colombo for follow-up and he has re-dressed the wound, saying that it seems viable. With our regards

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Dear All

Visited Dr. Mahesh originally on November 27th for a Blepharoplasty (Saggy Eyelids) Consultation. I had been putting off the surgery for several years. Through the years I have had numerous consultations and was never really inspired to follow through. After meeting with Dr. Mahesh I was finally willing to pull the trigger. Had Surgery on the 29th of November. Overall I am very happy with the results. It went very smoothly. Dr. Mahesh and the staff were great. Post surgery he even called personally several times to check up on me. If considering this type of surgery or any other Definitely recommend Dr. Mahesh.

Thanks & Regards

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Overall the hospital is great

Thanks to Dr.Suraj for the warmth with which he treated me to good health. I would like to express my gratitude to all nursing staffs especially Sr. Jancy And Sr.Soumya for treating me well. Both of them are very compassionate and caring; truely an asset to any organisation.

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Dr. Jinu is very knowledgebale and she has lots of patience to clarify all the questions that we had. Thank you.

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Overall the hospital is great.The behaviour of the doctors, nurses and staffs are very appealing.

Emie Mariyam
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We appreciate the behaviour of nursing staff and the care rendered by them.

Hanan Antony Anoop
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Helo Mr. Santhosh,
Staying in kochi and getting my surgery done from Sunrise Hospital was the best decision we could make Dr. Hafeez and his whole team was extremely supportive.

Kirthi nath
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We got discharged from Sunrise on the 31st of March after a surgery for my wife, Annu Thomas. I am basically a resident of Trivandrum but we decided to get the surgery done at Sunrise because of inputs I got from my cousin, who, incidentally, is with your hospital – Dr. Aby Koshy.
We were impressed with the interaction we had with the Doctors and staff there but one group stuck out – the team at the insurance desk. I have had to interact with the insurance contact points in a few hospitals earlier, but the effort these gentlemen (Sanil and team) have put in to get me the insurance on time was phenomenal! They have put in so much sincere effort to handle queries from the insurance company and get those sorted out – I have not seen this kind of proactive support from any of the hospitals I have interacted with. Very polite, sympathetic and genuine.
I thought you should know about this – getting the right people is not an easy task. Insurance, is, after all, an important part of the overall experience and as end users, we don’t want to spend too much time on this.
I wish the hospital and the entire team the very best. Do convey our gratitude to the teams involved.

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Bindhu’s mom discharged day before yesterday night.
Thank you for all the support and help throughout the period of treatment. We received outstanding care from all doctors, esp Dr. Manjunath, Dr. Sooraj, Dr. Suraj Haridas , Dr. Praveen and Dr Tom Jose. Thanks to all the nursing staff for their patience and dedicated care. It is very difficult to list their names lest I miss someone.

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Hello Parveen,
This is Anita, Amma got discharged now, I want to thank you for all good services your hospital offered rather it is not a hospital but a hospitality centre. Thanks for all.

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I P Sreedharan (MRN 287458) uncle of Shobhana Vasan with whose response I have undergone Key Hole Surgery for HERNIA at your god gifted hands for which you have the name and fame at the Internationally standard hospital at Kakkanad of Ernakulam district in Kerala.
Today my humble command over English betray me to respond with appropriate words towards expressing my heartfelt gratitude for the par excellence service I was able to enjoy with utmost satisfaction at the hospital. I never felt that Iam away from home at Hyderabad.
If Iam permitted to take the liberty of expressing my feelings on the administration of the hospital which is at the divinely blessed hands of your life partner with such perfection under the most efficient well behaved and dedicated team of staff and doctors supported with Internationally standard equipments to be the facilitators enabling you to concentrate 100 percent towards your professionally god gifted par excellence and perfection in the service of the sufferings.
Today I can only pray the ALMIGHTY to you all with his cheeriest blessings for many many years to come in the service of the sufferings.

P. Sreedhran
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*We just reached home madam… had a pleasant stay at hospital… nurses and staff were all so kind and sweet! siddu said he feels like hes on holiday! he even loved the fried rice from the canteen!*
*Thank you so much madam! *

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