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The Cardiac wing at Sunrise Hospital has top cardiovascular surgeons of India, backed by expert Anaesthetists, Intensivists, Critical cure nurses, biomedical technicians, Physiotherapists and Medico- social workers. The Cardiac Emergency Response Team comprises leading Cardiologists, Cardiac Surgeons and Cardiac Anaesthetists, assisted by well-trained medical and paramedical staff, to provide round-the-clock services. We assure the highest quality of patient care and innovative continuing education programs.



Dedicated Cardiac Rehabilitation Program


Cardiac Emergency Services


MRI, CT, and Echocardiography

Cardiac Sciences Services

Treatment and Procedure

India's first Siemens Axion Artis Zee digital flat panel cath lab with additional DSA, 3D reconstruction and rational angiography, Comprehensive Cardiac Care with ultra-modern 15-bedded ICCU equipped with latest Ventilators, Monitors, Biphasic defibrillators and imported remote controlled ICU beds, A 10-bed step-down unit, Siemens Acuson Color Doppler Echocardiography machine with advanced adult, pediatric and transesophageal echocardiography probes with facilites for Transthoracic Echo ( adult pediatric and neonatal), Trans Esophageal Echo and Dobutamine Stress Echo, Computerized Treadmill Exercise Stress testing, 24 hour holter monitoring with 12 channel facility and signal averaging, 24 hr Mobile Cardiac Intensive Care Unit equipped with Ventilator, Cardiac Monitor, Defibrillator and a highly competent emergency team.

Off-pump (beating heart) and On-pump

Mitral valve Repair, Valve replacement, Tissue valve replacements, Tissue Aortic root replacements

ASD closure, MVR, AVR, MIDCAB (beating heart CABG)

Surgical, Endovasucular and Hybrid Procedures

Peripheral vascular surgery, Carotid Endarterectomy

MAZE procedure

SD, VSD, TOF etc

LV aneurysm repairs, LVADs, ECMO, Heart Transplant

Coronary Angiography


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Frequently Asked Questions Answered

A heart health check-up typically includes a physical examination, blood tests (to check cholesterol levels and other markers), blood pressure measurement, and possibly an ECG or other heart-specific diagnostic tests based on your risk factors and symptoms.

While some heart conditions can be cured or corrected with interventional or surgical procedures, many require lifelong management through lifestyle changes and medications. Early detection and treatment can significantly improve quality of life and outcomes for individuals with heart disease.

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