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The Department of Critical Care is a specialty that cares for patients with acute life-threatening illness. We have a highly specialized Intensive Care Unit, also known as Intensive Treatment Unit/Critical Care Unit. Patients are usually transferred to ICU after initial stabilization at emergency room, operation theatre or recovery room. Apart from Intensivists, Critical care team includes respiratory therapists, Physiotherapists, Critical care nurses, Dieticians and ICU Technicians. 


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Typical examples of Critical Illness includes severe infections, heart ailments, poisoning, stroke, trauma, burns, organ failures and preterm births.

Emergency physicians stabilise patients in Emergency Room. Then patients are transferred to ICU where definitive, long term care is provided by Intensivists.

Intensivist is a Physician who is specialist in General Medicine, Anaesthesiology, Pulmonology or Pediatrics and who receive special education, training and subspecialty certification in Critical Care. Apart from medical management of patients, Intensivists have role in administration of ICU and setting policies and developing protocols.


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Frequently Asked Questions Answered

Critical Care Medicine is a medical specialty focused on the diagnosis and management of life-threatening conditions and the support of organ systems in critically ill patients. It encompasses the treatment of patients in intensive care units (ICUs) and involves close monitoring and intervention to stabilize and improve their condition.

Critical Care Medicine addresses a wide range of conditions, including severe infections, respiratory failure, cardiac emergencies, neurological crises such as strokes or traumatic brain injuries, severe trauma from accidents, and post-operative complications. It also manages patients requiring advanced life support measures like mechanical ventilation, hemodynamic support, and renal replacement therapy.

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