About the Laboratory Medicine

The Department of Laboratory Medicine at Sunrise Hospital is managed by a team of highly experienced and qualified technicians and ancillary staff, who follow quality control measures to ensure accurate results on time. We have one of the best laboratory facilities with fully automated analyzers and other State-of-the-art equipment that render accurate and precise test results in the shortest time possible. The Laboratory is integrated with the Hospital Management System (HMS) to facilitate immediate and flawless information/results to the concerned Department.




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Highly skilled and experienced lab technicians


Comprehensive range of tests and analyses

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Frequently Asked Questions Answered

The Department of Laboratory Medicine provides a wide range of diagnostic testing services including blood tests, urine analysis, microbiology, pathology, and genetic testing.

The turnaround time for laboratory test results varies depending on the type of test. Generally, routine tests may take a few hours to a few days, while more specialized tests or those requiring cultures or genetic analysis may take longer, sometimes up to a week or more.

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