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The Geriatric Department at Sunrise Hospital is headed by Dr Manoj C Jacob and functions with the primary focus of providing holistic care to the elderly population and imparting a sense of comfort to family members and caregivers. The department aims to promote better quality of life by prevention and treatment of disabilities and diseases. The team is composed of expert Geriatricians that work in tandem with a Nutritionist, Occupational therapist, Speech and hearing specialist, Physiotherapist, Psychologist and Psychiatrist.




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Geriatric Medicine Services

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Comprehensive Assessment and Care of an older person, Adult vaccination, Fall Assessment and Prevention, Health Promotion and Screening, Memory Behaviour Assessment, Dementia Management, Occupational Therapist and Physiotherapist advice for appropriate exercises and rehabilitation to independent living e.g., post-Stroke and other conditions, Expert Support for addressing psychological needs of older adults, Speech training by Therapist for speech related issues, Tele or Video Consultations and scheduled home visits by Geriatric Doctor / Geriatrician when necessary, Laboratory and Medicine delivery services at home. We respect and take care of every patient's privacy and confidentiality and ensure quality services.


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Frequently Asked Questions Answered

Geriatric Medicine is a specialized branch of medicine that focuses on healthcare for older adults, addressing their unique medical, psychological, and social needs.

The Department of Geriatric Medicine offers comprehensive care for seniors, including diagnosis, treatment, and management of age-related conditions, geriatric assessments, medication management, and support for caregivers.

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