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At Sunrise Hospital, our Oncology Department understands the Physical, Emotional, and Psychological Challenges that come with a Cancer Diagnosis, and our team of highly skilled Oncologists and Healthcare Professionals is committed to guiding patients through every step of their Cancer journey.


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We offer a comprehensive range of services for the prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and management of various types of cancer. Our team consists of specialists from different oncology disciplines, including medical oncology, radiation oncology, surgical oncology, and palliative care. We collaborate to provide personalized and evidence-based treatment plans for each patient.

Our Oncology Department is equipped with advanced diagnostic technologies to aid in the accurate and timely diagnosis of cancer. These technologies include imaging techniques such as CT scans, MRI scans, PET scans, and molecular testing, which help in identifying the location, stage, and characteristics of tumors.

We have established multidisciplinary tumor boards where our oncologists, radiologists, pathologists, surgeons, and other specialists come together to review complex cases. This collaborative approach ensures that patients receive the most comprehensive and integrated care, with treatment plans tailored to their specific needs

Our oncologists develop personalized treatment plans based on each patient's unique circumstances, including the type and stage of cancer, overall health, and personal preferences. We offer a wide range of treatment modalities, including chemotherapy, radiation therapy, targeted therapy, immunotherapy, hormonal therapy, and precision medicine approaches, such as genomic testing.

We understand that cancer treatment can have significant physical and emotional impacts. Our Oncology Department provides a range of supportive care services to help patients manage symptoms, cope with side effects, and improve their overall well-being. These services may include pain management, nutritional counseling, psychological support, survivorship programs, and access to clinical trials.

Our palliative care team works closely with oncologists to provide compassionate care aimed at improving the quality of life for patients with advanced or terminal cancer. We focus on managing symptoms, addressing emotional and spiritual needs, and providing support to both patients and their families throughout their cancer journey.


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Oncology is the branch of medicine dedicated to diagnosing, treating, and researching cancer. An oncologist is a doctor who specializes in treating cancer and provides medical care for a person diagnosed with cancer.

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